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baia dei faraglioni

Hi, I'm Nicola!


This is me, in my element, shooting the nature during my journeys.  My spirit soars when I'm surrounded by nature and I'm inspired by amazing skies and gorgeous light.

I love to go outside and find the beauty around me. Sometimes this means discovering places right in front of my  eyes, other times this means exploring new places and getting out on a hike or on mountainbike ride. For that time, all that matters is freezing those moments in front of me and in finding creative ways of capturing the beauty unfolding. my photos and videos transport me right back in time to those moments. I know when I look at a picture of my journeys or of my adventures how I felt in that moment. That feeling of peacefulness in the open air, the quiet while a sunrise unfolds, the sound of my mountainbike, the solitude that outdoors offer, the colors and the smells of the nature.

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